Py++ code generator

We extended available language interfacing technology, the Py++ code generator (, to provide a new level of automatically wrapping extensive C++ code bases.

The first success in this is PyVrui, a Python wrapper for the Vrui Libraries, which itself consists of 100,000s lines of sophisticated and performance-tuned C++. Relying on the Boost ( C++ libraries, PyVrui now allows CAVE applications to be written entirely in the Python language instead of C++. With only dozens of lines of Python script, moderately skilled programmers can produce sophisticated immersive visualization applications tailored to their needs.

Development Status

PyVrui is being further developed and tested. It currently depends heavily on a single Boost installation and needs to be more transportable between machines. PyVrui also must track revisions to the Vrui Libraries.

We are developing documentation and a series of training examples to teach PyVrui programming that illustrate Vrui’s features and coding style.

Code Repository