The Otellini Visualization Lab

The Tahoe Environmental Research Center hosts special thematic programs to help students learn geology. The Otellini Visualization Lab is a sophisticated exhibit by TERC, presenting the efforts from their research programs. This modern education lab is equipped with digital technologies to engage students in a practical and interactive learning experience. With visualization tools and important data available, students and researchers can explore different aspects of Lake Tahoe. From water quality, a natural ecosystem to landforms and tectonic activity, the visualization methods allow anyone to understand the complex processes and their connection.

The science behind a complex system such as Lake Tahoe can’t be easily understood when put on paper. This is why alternative learning methods are needed to aid the learning process and make it a more straightforward experience for students. After witnessing the natural processes in the visualization lab, students will quickly pick up the concepts and have a deeper understanding of the natural phenomena.

The Otellini Visualization Lab is a sophisticated facility that gathers the TERC’s research efforts, making it the best learning experience for future engineers and scientists. The visualization resources and numerical simulations have the needed tools to handle large datasets and keep them presentable. While being open to the public, it offers crucial data presented understandably. This is done through visualization methods to expand the learning options and bring Lake Tahoe’s complexity a step closer to students and the public.