Mycelia is a 3D network visualization and analysis tool designed to allow users to explore both the structure and dynamics of networks. It has an iPython interface that allows real-time creation and modification of networks. In addition, networks can be loaded from Graphviz, XML, Chaco, or GraphML files, and graphs can be modified in Mycelia saved in Graphviz format. Graph theory algorithms are provided by the Boost library.

Mycelia is currently being substantially revised and a new version will be ready for release later in 2012. The older version can be downloaded here.

Mycelia was demonstrated as part of the Macroscope at Maker Faire 2012. See some videos on YouTube.


  • Chris Ellison (Physics Post Doc)
  • Sean Whalen (Computer Science alumnus)
  • Jim Crutchfield (Physics Professor)
  • Dawn Sumner (Geology Professor)
  • Meredith Tromble (Art Professor, San Francisco Art Institute)