KeckCAVES Presentations to the Public

2011 American Geophysical Union Meeting

We took a 3d TV with a Hydra Razor to the annual AGU meeting to show some of our geoscience applications. The response was great. In the image, Tyler Mackey shows attendees a x-ray CT scan of a microbialite.

2011 National Air and Space Museum

In 2011 on Mars Day and the day the landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory was announced, this Crusta video of Gale Crater played as a loop next to the MSL model at the National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC.

2008 California State Fair

In 2008 the KeckCAVES team displayed our research on a large 3D screen at the the UC Davis Pavilion at the California State Fair, for the Centennial of the university. The display was visited by 16,000 individuals over a 2 week period.